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Anthony Acosta

*As of 2021
Project Communications Strategy Consultant. Author, Award Winning Marketing Campaign Creator, Full Stack Developer.
Lives in McAllen, Texas

Anthony Acosta

Anthony Acosta is an Award-Winning Marketing Campaign Creator/Director, Engineer, Author, Photographer, Full Stack Developer, Expert in Graphic Design.  Anthony works behind the scenes to create winning strategies for businesses across the country.  25 years as a computer professional, including 7 years as an IT professional (full-stack developer). A proven productive self-starter with a strong work ethic; consistently achieving any goal set in front of him.  Currently managing Online Brand Creation, development, and Promotion for a variety of Television and Radio Stations in both English and Spanish languages.  Successful Project Manager in a wide variety of ventures.

Work/Employment Experience
Kennedy Media Group
February 1997 – Present (24 years 3 months)
Anthony Acosta has been developing and managing websites and social media promotions for every kind of business out there. From Mom and Pop shops to major Hollywood Movies and Production Companies to Pharmaceutical companies. We work hard creating and managing marketing campaigns as ghost publishers to make sure our clients look good and experience the great benefits of success.  (We have built over 3000 websites and counting)

Anthony Acosta and the Entravision Executives

Entravision Executives

Entravision Communications
Creative Director of Digital Products / TV Production
August 2006 – Present
In Charge of development, and implementation of Radio and television websites for Entravision Communications across the United States including 55 Television Stations in 21 markets.  (Univision, Fox, and CW)  Anthony Acosta developed digital elements, ran digital promotions, and deployed project guidelines for 49 Radio stations (English and Spanish language)

Lacks Valley Stores
Network Administrator
July 2000 – November 2005 (5 years 5 months)
Managing the information technology infrastructure and creating a proactive troubleshooting methodology enabled us to reduce downtime to a minimal amount.  Built the inventory infrastructure including barcode development and design as well as installed the fiberoptic network throughout the main distribution warehouse. Also built the credit approval database which enabled the 13 stores (at the time) to get instant credit approval updates from the Central Credit department.  Installed networking equipment and trained personnel on the use of the technology as well.

Anthony Acosta's Cafe Ole Cyber Cafe featured in a Newspaper Article

Anthony Acosta’s Cafe Ole Cyber Cafe featured in a Newspaper Article

Cafe Ole
November 1995 – August 1996 (10 months)
McAllen, Texas Area
Owned and operated the first Cyber Cafe in the Rio Grande Valley. This wonderful cozy restaurant catered to net surfers everywhere (pre-broadband). Our delicious offering was critically acclaimed and our delivery business outgrew our dine-in business. Eventually, Anthony Acosta sold the cafe for a nice profit.


  • Valley Grande Academy (Attended from 1977-1986)
  • South  Texas High School for Health Professions  (Attended 1987)
  • Good Shepherd Christian School – High School Diploma (1988-1990)
  • The University of Texas-Pan American – Computer Science · (1990 – 1993)
  • Peoples University of the Americas – Master’s degree, Computer Science · (1994 – 1997)
  • Peoples University of the Americas – Research Doctorate, Computer Science · (1994 – 1998)

Notable:  Interned with Dr. Peter Rothschild during his tenure at PUA assisting on a multitude of scientific/medical research experiments and protocol development.

Bibliography (Published Articles)

  • Keeping it E-Simple, (Quick Guide to E-Commerce) McAllen 1999
  • The Benefits of E-Commerce, March 1999 issue – Computer News Magazine
  • The Lords of the Future, April 1999 issue – Computer News Magazine – Required reading for a course at The University of New South Wales, Australia
  • The Digital Lifeline, Ponce PR 1999
  • Nano Machine Manufacturing Proposal, Annals of PUA, 1998
  • Visions of a Nano Future, Annals of PUA, 1997
  • Digital Campaigns — Focus on quality and storytelling Medium, 2016
  • Developing a Logo, a Brand, and Brand Indicators Medium, 2016
  • What does it take to create awesome content (for real) Medium, 2016
  • What is Bitcoin, and why is it worth more than Gold? RGV Fox News, 2017
  • How to Make Serious Money Building Websites Medium, 2017
  • Sicarionauts: Sicarios saving the world!  Science-Fiction/Comedy 978-1-73557-820-0 (

    Sicarionauts Book Cover

    Sicarionauts Book Cover

  • Sicarionauts II: Moonshine (Coming soon)
  • Sicarionauts III: Martian Sunset (Coming soon)

Awards and honors

  • Most Outstanding in Economics (Good Shepherd Christian School)
  • Sophomore Class President (South Texas High School for Health Professions)
  • Freshman Class Secretary (Valley Grande Academy)
  • Member of the Drama Club (GSCS)
  • Member of the Computer Science Club (GSCS)
  • Member of the Yearbook Staff (GSCS)
  • Member of Student Council (STHSHP)
  • Member of Scholarship selection Committee (STHSHP)
  • Chairman of the Scrapbook Committee (STHSHP)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Community Service (South Texas College)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for DACUM Participation (South Texas College) (E-Commerce)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for DACUM Participation (South Texas College) (webmaster)


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA
  • Certificate for VoIP from Cisco CCNP
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Technology Associate
  • Google Certified Partner
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Google AdWords Display Advertising certification
  • Google AdWords Mobile Advertising certification
  • Google AdWords Search Advertising certification
  • Google AdWords Shopping Advertising certification
  • Google AdWords Video Advertising certification
  • FAA Certified Remote Pilot  (Part 107)

Community Service

  • Anthony Acosta was the Director of Pathfinder Club in Hidalgo, Texas.
  • McAllen Crime stoppers
  • McAllen Rotary Club
  • Rotary International (Regional)
  • South Texas College Advisory Committee
Volunteering at the McAllen Rotary Club

Volunteering at the McAllen Rotary Club

Top Skills 

  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography


  • English (Native or Bilingual)
  • Spanish (Native or Bilingual)
  • French (Limited Working)
(This link contains links to all my social media profiles, photography work, and samples of logos and graphics)

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