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Kennedy Media Group, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Anthony Acosta and remains a top behind-the-scenes professional digital marketing company.  Our work encompasses graphics and identity, interior design, product packaging, exhibitions, installations and staging.  Our specialty is creating effecting websites and digital marketing experiences that will undoubtedly leave a lasting positive impression on your clientele.

We want you to know that at Kennedy Media, the owners are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client.  This reflects our conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and — above all — personal commitment, and is demonstrated by a portfolio that spans decades and touches on almost all industries.

Meet the Team

Anthony Acosta

Anthony Acosta

Founder / President

Anthony Acosta is a multi-talented, award-winning professional with a proven track record in marketing campaign creation and direction, engineering, authoring, photography, full-stack development, and graphic design. With a Masters and Doctorate in Computer Science, Anthony brings over 30 years of experience to every project, having been active in the field since the early 90s.

Anthony’s expertise is highlighted by his numerous certifications, including: Cisco Certified Network Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional, DACUM Panel for Webmaster, and multiple Google AdWords certifications in Display, Mobile, Search, Shopping, and Video Advertising. He is dedicated to staying current in the ever-evolving digital landscape, and is eager to apply his skills to bring success to your projects.

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Fabiola Gracia

Fabiola Gracia


Fabiola is a highly skilled professional with a wealth of experience in creative project management.

As an integral member of the Kennedy Media team, she plays a key role in ensuring the successful completion of all projects. With a strong background in contracts, invoicing, and logistics, she is able to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of the business and keep the creative minds in check. In addition, Fabiola possesses a keen eye for design and has extensive experience in the design arena, making her a valuable asset to the team. With her commitment to excellence and her ability to deliver results, it is no wonder that the Kennedy Media team is proud to have her on board.

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