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You’ve invested a lot of money on your business, and to you it the center of the planet. Surprise!  The rest of the world doesn’t share you opinion or feelings about your business.  There’s good news though, you can follow this 9 rules and change the world to see things the way you do!  Do this and customers will flock to you and your products for incredible success!!


Cardinal Rule #1
Focus on your Audience, their needs and what they want. not you.
(nobody cares about you)
Cardinal Rule #2
Stop trying to be like your competitors, just be different… memorable.
Cardinal Rule #3
Have a plan. Have a goal. Measure your results against it.
Cardinal Rule #4
Do something that hasn’t been done before.
(You’ll know if you’re doing it right if you feel kinda queasy but excited about it)
Cardinal Rule #5
Your content has to be so valuable and useful that your audience HAS to pay attention. They can’t help themselves.
Cardinal Rule #6
Forget instant gratification. This is a marathon not a sprint. Results take time, so you have to be consistent with your efforts.
Cardinal Rule #7
If you want to lead in your industry you’ve got to focus on lifting your audience to see things at your level.
Cardinal Rule #8
Choose content topics that allow you to lead the conversation. This will help you distinguish your brand and develop your brand’s story.
Cardinal Rule #9
Don’t Blow it. You only have a couple of seconds to capture your audience.

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